Welcome to Skinny Gene, a brand dedicated to improve your life and take care of your overall wellness through healthy exercise and nutrition. Founded by Jackie Vanka, a Health, Fitness and Nutrition expert, Skinny Gene’s #1 priority is to help you establish a healthier lifestyle through essential lifestyle changes, organic Eco-friendly products as well as trends and suggestions leading to a healthier more vibrant you. My lifestyle and my career both revolve around good health and its advancement, I love sharing my knowledge and experience in all things fitness & health. Now, through Skinny Gene I have the opportunity to do so!!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Jackie! A Professional Health, Fitness & Nutrition Expert.

I am an Advanced Fitness Trainer certified in Sports Nutrition, Kettle Bell, kickboxing &  Golf Fitness Instruction, I also studied extensively in the field of nutrition and your health.

I created, produced and starred in my first Fitness DVD, titled “Kick Butt”, which was a Billboard #1 fitness workout, I followed kick Butt up with another hit DVD, which caused interest for a major infomercial company to chose my fitness project to creat a successful enterpriese.!

I have worked successfully as a TV and radio personality for many shows, sharing my Health and Fitness knowledge and also enjoyed working as Health/Fitness Editor for two Southern California’s top lifestyle magazines

I am also sports enthusiast with many achievements and a specific interest in golf, tennis and kickboxing. I live in the Los Angeles  area and feel blessed to have the opportunity to  enjoy outdoor activities all year long!!

I have participated in many charity celebrity golf tournaments and have enjoyed working with many charities, such as Guide Dogs of America, The Robert Urich Memorial Golf Classic, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, World Wild Life Fund and Habitat for Humanity to name a few. I love giving in any way possible and hope through this site to inspire you to change and improve your life for the better.

Let’s Build Together A Lifestyle Of Vibrant Health & Beauty!

Join Me In This Journey – The Results Will Be Life changing!