Skinny Gene Challenge


A 3-Week Challenge That Promises To Change Your Body- Will You Accept It?

Gaining a few extra pounds can be bad for our mood but you often feel it the most when you have to put on the dreaded skinny jeans. Not everyone is born with Skinny Genes but now we all can have them. Even if you were born with skinny genes, there will come a time in your life where your metabolism will slow down and if you are not eating right and exercising you too will gain some extra weight.

The 21 Day Skinny Gene Program was designed to help promote and install positive changes into your daily regime to help empower and encourage you to have a healthier lifestyle

Changing your body has never been such a rewarding process, starting now and ending September 1st, Whoever completes the 21 Days to Skinny Gene Program can enter The Skinny Gene Challenge and will get a chance at winning a 250-dollar gift certificate, just send us a before and after photo with a brief message about your experience and your name will be placed in a drawing where the winner will win a 250 -dollar gift certificate to our online store. We will also be giving away a 100 dollars gift certificate to our second place winner.

The winners will be notified by email after the drawing on September 1st, Start today and be the very best that you can be! You have nothing to lose but weight and everything to gain!!!


Accept The Skinny Gene Challenge

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