Success Stories


“I have employed different ways to lose excess body fat especially in the stomach region and while some have paid off, others have failed woefully. A friend got me the Skinny Gene Hot bod gel and the story has changed since I started using this gel. While it might not be described as a miracle gel, I confidently say that it has helped me achieve my weight loss goal and this is not surprising considering the different natural ingredients that have gone into making the cream. The heat generated after using the gel can be felt almost immediately but the results are even more pleasing when you see smoother more toned skin. Thanks Hot Bod for giving me a hot body!!”

Amber Novitch


“If you have been lookinig for a way of losing weight almost effortlessly, then the SG Hot Bod gel is your perfect option. I can draw this conclusion after using the product and comparing the results with other such products. The firming action of the gel ensures that the affected area is not left looking flabby after the weight loss. These features are rarely present in other products I have tried in the past. An added bonus is after my hard workouts the gel also soothed my achy muscles, I could feel the tension leave a few seconds after applying the gel. You still have to work out and eat healthy but having the help with toning up my skin really helped keep me stay motivated and on track.”

Angela Brooks


“Losing weight has never been this easy and fun. The decision to take on the challenge was born from the fact that a change was needed considering how fast I already gained weight and after trying different weight loss techniques but with no significant result. The challenge was a great one that did not only help change my lifestyle but that of the people around me. The total package is awesome and it took less than a week before the results started showing. Great challenge and fun result. Thank you for the great service.”

Linda Jones


“If you have ever weighed as much as 250 pounds then you might probably have an idea of where I am coming from. Losing weight isn’t really the easiest of tasks and it gets even worse when you are unable to get the right workout routines and dietary plan to support your quest. Thankfully, the Gene challenge is one of the very few programs that stand out of the crowd. The content of the package is phenomenal and so is the result. While I might be able to promise an overnight, i testify to the efficacy of the package.”

Mellissa James


“The Gene Challenge is such a great way to lose weight naturally and without the emotional and physical stress usually associated with the process. It is unlike many other weight loss programs. It is comprehensive, taking you through the different healthy meals and healthy living habits that would ensure you get that figure you have always desired in good time. The workout programs are also amazing and the fact that you have nothing to lose thanks to the gift card and 20% discount on supplements is tempting enough for anyone serious about weight loss. Highly recommended!”

Victoria John


“I have always wanted to get my shape and figure back but unfortunately, my lazy part got the better of me. The skinny gene challenge was more than I needed and the Diet Super Blend was more of a miracle worker. After going through the features and benefits of the Diet Super blend, I decided to give it a try. The result so far has surpassed my expectation especially considering reviews gotten from users of several weight loss supplements. This definitely is in a class of its own.”

Victoria James


“Trying to lose weight can be very frustrating especially when all options tried have proven futile. I must say that I am lucky to have chosen the Diet Super Blend supplement. A friend suggested it to me and after going through the ingredients, I reluctantly decided to purchase my first batch, a decision I am happy I took. While I started having the stereotypic especially after the first few days of taking the supplement did not seem to bring any result, subsequent weeks were amazing as I started noticing significant results from reduction in food cravings to a significant reduction in my weight gain. I am happy to say that I am a faithful “user” of the Diet Super Blend and happily so.”

Ella Cole


“While many weight loss products would boast of fast and amazing results, very few of them can match the efficiency of the Diet super blend. I can confidently say this after trying several weight loss supplements that yielded almost no results. It is actually through that what you eat determines how you look and this claim was substantiated by a reduction in my food cravings that I noticed few weeks into the super blend diet supplement. This led to a significant reduction in my weight. So far so good, I have not noticed any side effects from using the supplement.”

Jessica Jones

“Skinny Gene fat burner really lives up to its name! With a healthier diet plan and regular exercise, I was down below my goal weight in weeks instead of months!!! I couldn’t be happier and will use it all the time. I’ll also recommend to friends because you just cannot go wrong!”

Betsey Jones

“I wanted to write in to thank you for creating possibly the best detox system on the market! I cannot believe just how good I feel. Skinny Gene Detox has helped me to get rid of so much bad in my system. It is a great way to cleanse the past year away and start anew! Keep up the good work!”

Rene Gaylor