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Eliminating sugars from your diet can help you drop pounds and get healthy. When you remove all sources of refined sugar from your diet you will notice an improvement in your overall health.

Sugar causes inflammation in the body the causes muscles and joints to ache, suppresses the immune system, making you more susceptible to chronic illness or disease. It should take about 21 days or 3 weeks of a no sugar diet to notice any weight loss, relief from painful joints to an overall feeling of wellbeing.

In short read labels, be aware of all the hidden sugars in all packaged food. It should be illegal the amount of sugar that some manufactures put in their product. Sugar has been shown to create disease in the body, it’s a known fact that cancer cells love sugar and thrive on it. If that doesn’t make you put the sugar away, then what will?


Jackie Vanka


The 411 on Canola Oil


Did you know that the Canola oil grown in the US today has been genetically modified to make it tolerant to some herbicides, in fact more than 90% of all US-grown corn, soybeans and canola are pesticide and herbicide tolerant? Canola oil is refined using hexane, a chemical constituent of gasoline. Read labels and if you see canola oil, stay away from it, there should be a poison label on the product. there are much healthier, cleaner alternatives. If you need a

high heat oil use Coconut oil, it is much healthier and has been proven to burn fat!!!


Jackie Vanka





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